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Clean Kill

by Roadtrip God

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Saz (Intro) 01:53
In Absentia 03:44
From the beginning till the end Till you ask me again I don't know To the day that we Turn to sand, fall asleep I don't know All I know is that We belong to her The mother and the executioner All I know is that Death is everywhere But when I looked at you I didn't see it there
Furs 04:54
Tear the skin on my back And I'll spit out All that doesn't belong Tear the skin on my back And I'll spit out Everything that's wrong I wonder how you look In furs and leather I'll let you show me if you want I'll let you show me I want your body to know That I'm not the enemy Close your eyes Try to feel what you cannot see Shh, don't scream My intentions are pure I know you have questions So ask if you're not sure The devil alone Won't enter my home He needs to bring some company A sweet demoness A fresh kiss of death Black magic commodity The devil alone Won't find his way home He needs to nicely ask for help But not this time I won't let him find me I cannot survive myself The devil won't survive me
Isolate all the rotating parts Unpredictable is a danger to life And if your love burns out like a cigarette If it's compromised It will end up dead Well someone said That suffering’s sexy Well I have suffered a lot lately And it was worth it Every second of it Even though I heard Jesus Christ had some second thoughts And after all The devil found me And I let my shadow Close the door behind me And I lost my appetite All my will to fight But I made sure that my death Lands right in his hands You think you understand the pain Just because you know it It's an air strike You can't control it Aliens are no longer aliens We're all quite familiar What was hidden and complex Is apparent and clear
Laureate 03:22
Mother forgive me Your only son Beloved child's forever gone Now you can cry to the heavens And you can break inside The child was a ruin It crumbled and died Father forgive me I know it's hard to ignore Your only son is not here anymore Your son was a thief A dumb and a slow one No way you could've known It takes one to know one And love is stronger than the fire of the sun And you can love more than one Although my heart is split in two I try to do right by you Mother forgive me
I've got this pain In my side I don't mind it It reminds me that I'm alive When I met death Face to face She broke my nose Put me in my place and said I'm working to a schedule And you're already mine But you gotta wait your turn 'Cause it's not your time And when you die When you die You'll die screaming
Rubber Boy 02:55
I'm a fag I'm a queer I'm a rubber boy If you set the standards here You know I don't believe in peace The horror of swimming in the deep end I buried the dog, I'm losing sleep And how did you sharpen your teeth? A-boo-hoo Bad things always happen to good people They deserve it Our house is too small For you, me, the mold and their ghosts So feed these animals Straight from your hand Teach these animals Teach them while they're young So you can take their power So you can drink their blood So you can claim all the things that you deserve And dance with their ghosts A-boo-hoo
Para Nos 03:46
Death, it sits on my shoulder In this blue, blue, tired dawn Where am I to go when it's over Where am I to go when I'm moving on You go, girl Put a price on the universe In this tired dawn Your sun is rising somewhere else And I'm a devil, a cancer I have nothing to say I bleed all over you and me As we fuck our souls away In this blue, blue, tired dawn How often do you think about dying? Well, I think about it all the time It’s easier than breathing I do it without trying I don’t feel alive I just feel tired
Any chance we could get together? The future love is weaker than ever In the century of loneliness Where emotions are meaningless This is love, no love 2.0 This is love, no love 2.0 This is love, no love 2.0 No love, no love, no love, no love We can't be lovers, because we're machines And we don't feel one another We can't be lovers, because we're machines And we don't feel one another We can't be lovers, because we're machines And we dream our electric dreams We're different than you 'cause when we sleep We dream of electric sheep
Sober 03:04
Sail across these waters sober And sail across them fast Close your eyes, it'll soon be over And we'll be home at last And if you're ever in doubt Remember this song If you follow your heart You'll never be wrong So there may come a day You'll hunger for a lover I'll always be here But you might want another So will you promise to love me? Even if I don't? Will you love me forever? Even if I won't love you?
I let you win The beast can sway The moon lives on The back of the day In the strangest terrain Choking on smears of smoke The sun always waits The sun lets it choke Can you remember Who we were Before love and hope Ran away from here Before the wolves came And made me one of their own Before I came back And burned down our home When the ground bleeds I smell it now When the ground bleeds I too, bleed somehow


released October 28, 2016

Written, performed and produced by Roadtrip God

Recorded 2014 - 2016 in Scotland
Additional vocals on tracks 6, 9 & 11 by Agathe Monnot
Cover photo by Roadtrip God
Cover edit by Agathe Monnot

Clean Kill © 2016 Roadtrip God Inc


all rights reserved



Roadtrip God Inc Glasgow, UK

Roadtrip God Inc

Independent micro label from Scotland est. 2016.

Releasing music from La Mer, Roadtrip God and Poison Water.

For merch and downloads visit the official website and store (roadtripgodinc.com)
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